Thursday, May 14, 2015



Onset: rays of bleach,
trees—their ghosts courting rooftops—
and my melting face.

Tiger-stripe highlights,
earth and asphalt illumined
the stink of summer.

Its yawning azure,
crowned with unseeable teeth—
no such vertigo.

Seafloor, its burden
made wasp and mirage, no light-
er for the transfer.

Exeunt: twilight—
early, with ice on its breath—
leaves, allowed to sing.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

5 Oh, Hi!-ku for The Room

5 Oh, Hi!-ku for The Room

"Oh, hi, Mark!" A phrase
made strange linchpin to a script
like Full House on meth.

Rosé wallpaper,
fur-shawled couch—and underwears
that don't belong to you.

Vodka-sloshed acting…
You're tearing me a—oh, hi,

Orajel and ice;
you too can have lips fit for
Wiseau's scripted gibberish.

There isn't a time
that awkwardly-tossed footballs
can't improve… Oh, hi!

Friday, May 1, 2015

That's All (for NaPo), Folks!

Whew...what a month. I've said it a couple of times, but this really feels like my strongest NaPoWriMo yet. I did a lot of new things, and I also did a lot of old things, but in stronger ways. A clerihew, 8 landay, 25 abecedarian, a riddle...15 of the month's 30 poems were geek-oriented...this has just been a wildly-satisfying month. I'm excited for what the rest of the year holds, and I look forward to reading and writing much more great work.

Also, as promised, the Big Poetry Giveaway has ended and I, with the help of a random number generator, have picked my two winners. Drumroll please...

Allyson Whipple and Laurie Kolp! You two have won a book of poetry! Wahoo and huzzahs all around.

I want to thank everyone for visiting, for reading throughout the month, for entering, commenting, sharing...for spreading the love of poetry and making April the worldwide reading nook that it's become.

Here's to the rest of 2015!