Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Hunt of Actaeon - NaPoWriMo 1/30

The Hunt of Actaeon 

His hands slowly wove their way
through nature's verdant hoar,
this hunter hooked by more than tusks
of hound-devoured boars.
A wind exhaled through emerald lips
had whispered him a song,
singed him with a passion
casting shade upon the throng
of panting mastiffs at his back
and all their presence meant,
the path that forks in twain
to berthèd purpose or neglect.

As the Green Man's hirsute locks
this hunter parsed and splayed,
ever louder grew that voice
and brighter grew the glade,
despite the forest's thorny plea
to yield and press no further in,
but who can say that warning
ever soured the sweetness of sin?

For when at last he'd hewn a path,
he glimpsed there neath a looming beech
she, more naked than the moon
and just as past his reach,
bathing her chaste deity
of crystalline and sun-gilt curves,
while he her luster all-consuming
raped with optic swerves.

That is, until he felt his brow
wax more tanner's task than man,
saw this scornèd goddess turn
with gaze 'twould fillet Caliban,
felt her turn his feet to hooves,
grow bony trophies out his skull…
beckon hungry hunting dogs
to chew from him the toll.

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  1. This poem is written in classic poetic style and wording, and more than does justice to the Greek mythology tale it depicts. Well done.