Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mad as a Hatter - NaPoWriMo 27/30

Today's poem is as close as I'll likely ever come to stream-of-consciousness writing. I tried to think about what I was writing as little as possible, just letting the words come out. I suppose if these are the things just running around my head, I should go pay someone to listen to me on their couch, huh?

Mad as a Hatter

Game of thrones,
bitter scones,
musty mothballs
and pinecones
seven gods
to disobey.
Ate a bullfrog
with five wings,
saw a pumpkin
dance and sing.
Made two gooses
out of wax,
and stole your mother's
income tax.
Behind the shed,
beneath the pines,
over Odin's
antlered tines.
Bet a pharaoh
fifty quid
he couldn't eat
the killer squid.
Beak and suckers
over tongue!
And that's how
Egypt's throne was won.

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