Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lines of Dusk - NaPoWriMo 9/30

I really can't believe we're nine days in already. Happens every year, but NaPoWriMo is a quick-learning child, already running when last week was barely a crawl. Don't grow so fast! *cries like somebody's mom*

Ahem, anyway, today's poem: I didn't have a ton of time to write today, so I wanted to turn out something short, vivid and wholly unlike my usual stuff. Feels like a good day to experiment and try something different. No punctuation, weird repetition, does it work? Feels nice here, strangely.

So, I hope you enjoy these...

Lines of Dusk 

Gloaming lowering Helios into the single string of his grave -
lowering, lowering, lowering down
Lime-water street lights fizzing into their vigils -
fizzing, fizzing, fizzing through town
A breath from nearing nightfall slipping kisses on each tree - 
slipping, slipping, slipping plum silk
its touch like summer rain against these bones blanched as milk

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