Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hail, My Awe! My Horns! - NaPoWriMo 6/30

Wow, talk about cutting it close. I've only been working on this since about 11:00am. I'm starting to think working and writing aren't going to mesh as smoothly this NaPoWriMo as in past years.

But anyway, I got the poem done before midnight, so I'm still in this!

Here is the 6th poem of 30, entitled...

Hail, My Awe! My Horns! 

Name me with the patience sought
by he who strives to scribe the stars,
for I've grown rife with titles
since relieved of Splendor's bars.

Strode I this consolat'ry globe
since Heaven's whelp first pitched its moon,
clay-and-reverie pets: my feast;
Eden: my cocoon,

wings, still wet from plying horn
through that cuckold's moistened curls,
stretched thenceforth to dry their tar
upon the bivalve's pearls…

Cain, besot with fratricide;
the carnivore's protracted teeth;
the fly and her wan effluence;
the ever-vacant sheath;

that metastasizing knot
spreading tendrils through your chest;
each deflating wheeze between
these words and misnamed rest

But more than any fingered whorl,
any stake or fear-slaked term,
know me by the triumph and
desire of this worm:

that incendiary lust
ever chewing, never fed;
I am your great discontent,
cherished in His stead.

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