Monday, May 20, 2013

Review of 'VOLCANO+THE SEA' by Free Dominguez

Free Dominguez is no new name around these parts. Some may know her from her work with Kidneythieves, the industrial rock band to which she has lent her voice for more than a decade. As 2012's (.Unearth.) demonstrated though, Dominguez is also a superbly competent soloist, a truth further emphasized by the album's follow-up, the newly released VOLCANO+THE SEA.

A rousing testament to the efficacy of Kickstarter and other crowd-sourcing platforms, Free Dominguez's third album greets the listener with a clarity and sophistication rather uncommon among the subgenre of independent, fan-funded music. It is a more complex adventure Dominguez takes us on this time. Where (.Unearth.) was comparatively subdued - a stripped-down and ambience-heavy composition - VOLCANO+THE SEA is a wild and energetic venture that puts the array of Dominguez's inspirations on display. It is still entrancingly atmospheric, but there is much more muscle veining the ghost this time around.

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