Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Tides Roll On and On - 28/30

Back from the beach, and still with a couple more days of NaPoWriMo left.

Today's poem was unprompted, and is definitely on the rougher side of things. Kinks to be worked out eventually.

The Tides Roll On and On

This sea,
an infinitude of tongues
hungrily lapping at cornmeal,
casting its aqueous fingers
up terra firma's ankles, toes
contentedly swimming
in the kips of eels and hermits.
This sea,
an eternity of waves
endless in their repetition
but as distinct as the filigreed crystals
that filter down from out of the firmament...
Where did You sink the waterwheel
that sends these tides unendingly crashing
on the sand's particulate gel?
Oceans of incessant landward motion
powered solely by the motor of Your will,
for aeons uninterrupted
in the ebb and flow they throw
from depths unplumbed and lengths unreached,
bringing skeletal blessings
to patrons dragging their hearts through the beach.
an order Your order kicked into motion,
Your power reflected in an unchanging ocean.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful and impressive... I find myself utterly incapable of focusing on anything - never mind poetry - when I'm at the ocean.