Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Lusca - 3/30

Day three already? Time does seem to fly when you're surrounding yourself with great poetry. This year is going swimmingly so far. and if you're wondering why that was in italics, read on.

The NaPoWriMo prompt for today suggested writing a sea shanty. While I didn't do that, it did get me thinking about seafaring tales and myths and the like. So what I have for you today is a perplexing little ditty called "The Lusca". It started out as a simple typical British-English poem, but quickly became a different creature entirely.

So, enjoy...and just a hint as to how to read this: the lusca is the name for a Caribbean sea creature. Caribbean. Okay, have fun.

The Lusca 

A foitnaht deep in maym Julay,
da Lusca seeled tads rollin' haigh,
bellied wit' doze crew shanghaied
lak barrls off da poit.
Da sea it coofed its sahlty bran
lak dyamonds glown' by Liza's shan,
an' no man needed tirst fo' wan
on 'at cyask-swolln boit.

But clouds lak staavin' 'ounds arraved
an' palled da sun god's watchful eye
while watas 'ungrilay complad
wit' roas to sink de ship.
An' 'fo any seela o' sleeve could cra
to mohda o' god, da sea split wad,
jaws lockin' da feeted Lusca insad
Pie's unforgivin' grip.

An' so de ocean's lack of ships
each tam Julay's meridian hits,
when seelas stee wit' warma hips
dan doze de oceans tease, 
when watas seem to seede wit' lips,
when weeling vaices nun can miss,
meanin' to drag men to de abyss,
out on da moonlit sea.


  1. Wonderful and atypical in the best way :D not what I was expecting!