Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stowaway Angels - 10/30

Ten days in. We're a third of the way through! Hope you're still enjoying all these words I'm putting in your face, because there are still twenty days to go. Are any of you writing your own poems?

Oh, also, before we go any further, there are a couple new followers to thank. Debra Rymer and Jacqueline Czel, thanks for following I, Mosaic! Welcome to the wordiest place on the 'net.

As for today's poem, there was no prompt for it, just a simple little concoction of humor, observation, nature, and Heaven, subtitled 'A Rumination on Cherub Tails and Other Heavenly Matters'. Hope you enjoy!

Stowaway Angels

On days like these,
when the clouds drip down

to get a closer look at
our gravity-trapped habitats,

they settle their wet shawls
around the boughs of alpine

shoulders, where nested tenements
of down and other leavings

twitter and lilt that Hosanna
sung in airier abodes, none

on hearing, gazing up
to find tree limbs a-shudder,

expecting Heaven's
cherubs to boast such bushy tails.

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