Monday, April 22, 2013

Multnomah - 22/30

Good Monday, everyone.

Whether it be coffee-induced or natural, I hope you're having an energetic and lively Monday.

Today's poem came prompted by NaPoWriMo, where we were encouraged to write something for Earth Day.
And now, the prompt (it doesn’t have anything to do with masonry and, as always, is totally optional). Today is Earth Day. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 and is now celebrated internationally. In honor of the occasion, I challenge you to write a poem in keeping with Earth Day — it could be a reflection on what’s growing in your garden, a modern pastoral, or a Marianne-Moore-style poem about an animal. Anything to do with the natural world is fair game. Happy writing!
To that end, I have today's poem. I was surprised, when I sat down to think of something nature-oriented to write, to realize that I had never written about Oregon's own Multnomah Falls. It being one of my favorite natural features, that was something in need of immediate rectification. And I quite like what came out of it. Hopefully you do too! (Oh, and if you can come up with a better title for this than 'Multnomah', please do let me know!)


Vapor-laurelled pine trees
lay these pathways with their branches,
Hosannas underneath the feet
of zenith-enthralled pilgrims.

Boughs overhead shade stones
reposing mossy and meditative,
while an ever-present chill prompts clouds
to crawl from patron throats.

This, Multnomah's bowered cloister
roaring with Charybdian prayer,
pouring its watery incense
pon the breaths of passersby,

inhalations never so fresh
as when nearing that incessant spring,
whose falls inspirit with similitude
to the One who authored the thing.

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