Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How We Yearn - 30/30!

And so we have reached the end, once again, my friends. This year has been fantastic. I've both read and written some of the best poetry I've respectively encountered/turned out. A massive monitor-to-monitor high five to any of you who have been writing along with me. Is your hand on the monitor? Mine is. High Five!

For today's poem, the last of NaPoWriMo, I have a poem about yearning and nature. I hope you enjoy! And thank you all for following and reading! This is by no means the end of I, Mosaic. There will be plenty more to see and read, but as far as NaPoWriMo 2013 is concerned...Adieu until next year!

How We Yearn

Can we disappear?
Can these emerald canopies rapture us,
turn our bodies to mist
and find nourishment in our vapor?
Can we follow these breath-dressed will-o'-the-wisps
and vanish,
souls stretching from xylem to root,
slaking chthonian thirsts
in soil and sky?
Can we just disappear?
We, so tired of these trappings.
So weary of fleshly imprecations,
longing for the breathless naught
of bark and squirming bitumen,
of water and pebble and moss,
of zombic fog and its stillness.
These webs that strew their jewelry
from limb and back again.
This stone-throated simplicity
singing choruses from the creek bed.
Heaven's own tranquility,
and our desperate evanescence.

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