Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hellow Tide - 2/30

Back for day two! You still with me? I hope so, 'cause I'm having a blast. As a reader and writer of poetry, NaPoWriMo is like some nirvanic concoction of Comic-Con and those fantastic Scholastic Book Faires we all used to patron in elementary school (Goosebumps books represent...).

Today, I employed the prompt provided at the NaPoWriMo hub, encouraging us to write a poem that is a lie.
And now, the prompt! Today’s prompt is drawn from an idea that Kelsey Howard gave me — that of a poem that tells a lie. I think you could have a poem that’s all lies (that could be very funny — full of things like “the sun is the size of a nickel”) or a poem that steadily builds to telling one big whopper. I can imagine these being very poignant, or very much like goofy shaggy-dog stories. I suppose it all comes down to what you want to lie about!
Following that suggestion, I wrote today's poem. It isn't something that really required a lie to be told, but the subject lent itself so well to hyperbole and falsification, I just went with it, and after yesterday's poem, I wanted to write something more humorous. Can't have it getting too dour around here, right?

Hellow Tide

A tiger's cat-o'-nine-tails-kisses
roused me from the realm of sleep,
cheeks abraded while nostrils caught
the perfume of the shore-spat deep,
freed of ebbing water's mask,
now pulling tears with fishy reek:
an ooze of ageless decay and salt
each time this tiger would speak.

So, what do you think the poem was about? What do you suspect was the truth behind the lie? Let me know in the comments! And happy writing/reading!

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  1. a ship off course lumbering towards a destination with no wind or compass? BUT how would that be a lie.Hmm. It's like a taste of a Poe short story on the sea.