Friday, April 26, 2013

Found Friday (NaPoWriMo Edition!) - 'Depression' by Lizzydragon

And so it comes to this. The last Found Friday of NaPoWriMo. It's been one heck of a month. I've had the pleasure to read some fantastic, truly box-sundering poetry, and I just know for every great poem I have read there are dozens if not hundreds of equal craft. So goes the world of literature. You can read all you can, and still not have read more than a thimble-full of what exists.

Anyway, for today's Found Friday, I have the dank and chthonian poem, "Depression" by the blogger Lizzydragon (my veritable blog-twin for her blog's name, Mosaic). It is short, but by no means is it brief. Rich and sensory, atmospherically asphyxiating. It is a great piece of writing. Here is an excerpt:
shards of a woman


stitched and laced and sewn
a jigsaw of hip and hand and lips
a monster

the trees dragged her down
Please do click the link and go read the rest, and leave some feedback! Not unlike the fruit bat vampirizing bruised mangoes, or a rechargeable battery snugly sucking electrons from a charger, we poets are sustained by feedback. Be sure to let Elizabeth know your thoughts on this and her other pieces!

And, have a great Friday!

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