Saturday, April 13, 2013

Found Friday (NaPoWriMo Edition): RhondaK - 'Noir Murder Death with Whiskey'

Did anyone notice I forgot to do a Found Friday yesterday? No? Well good. Then I'll just slip this little blog right under your noses...

It's Saturday (but let's pretend it's Friday...)! Another Found Friday for you. This week's Found Friday comes by way of RhondaK, a self-described "9th Gen Floridian who paints funny bar signs and mermaids... [and is] also a Librarian and Pug-A-Holic."

RhondaK's poem "Noir Murder Death with Whiskey" was a noir-prompted poem that quite thoroughly blew my socks off (or rather, wooed them off with a combination of whiskey, monochromatic lighting and slow jazz). Here is an excerpt from the best poem I read this week.
There comes a time, your gin leg empty and your whiskey full
Your mind on a beautiful woman with a terrible story
You rush in to save her without feeling her knife at your throat
That is just a sampling of the poem's potent homage to the noir/murder mystery genre. RhondaK writes with a steamy atmosphere that reads as if coming from the mouth of Bogart. Brilliant noir. Go have a read and drop her some feedback!

Have a great weekend, too!

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