Friday, April 5, 2013

Found Friday (NaPoWriMo Edition!): Jessica McHugh - 'Paper Boats'

 We're back for another Found Friday. Maybe it's all the poetic commotion of NaPoWriMo, but I've decided that for the next three Fridays, we'll be having NaPoWriMo editions of Found Friday. What does that mean for you, the reader? Am I demanding any life-altering changes? Do you have to mail me $5 as a subscription fee? No... not yet anyway.

Nah, what will be happening is every week I will be featuring my favorite poem from that week's worth of NaPoWriMo contributions. Obviously I'm not reading everything that's being written, so keep in mind there is plenty more brilliant poetry to be read (and to write! *nudgenudgenudge*). From what I will have read though, I'll post the poem that reached out and slapped me with the most verve and savvy.

Speaking of verve and savvy, I bring you Jessica McHugh. Her first NaPoWriMo poem of the season, titled "Paper Boats", can be found at her blog No Vacation for Speculation. Here is a sample:
On a night river, the travelers release their paper boats.
Floating from dock-town desks, they seek to thicken souls over feet
And touch worlds beyond atlas edges.
Read the rest of this lovely gem at her blog (seriously, clickity-click and go read it). It has a captivating, otherworldly whimsy that threads all of McHugh's work (that I've read so far anyway), but not at the cost of sentiment or emotional integrity. The poem has a lot to say about the art of writing and its place in society. But hey, don't let me tell you what the poem means. Go read it yourself, and explore her blog while you're there.

It's a nice place to get lost.

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