Saturday, April 20, 2013

Found Friday (NaPoWriMo Edition!): Caleb Parkin - 'Apple 'Til Blackened Lager'

Back for another Found Friday! If you're keeping track, we this is the second to last of our NaPoWriMo edition of Found Friday. Ah...where does the time go?

This week, the poem that I just couldn't stand to not share with you came by way of Caleb Parkin, a self-described "writer and performer...writing...poetry, prose, fiction, storytelling, participation, installation and more."

The poem of note, "Apple 'Til Blackened Lager", was written under the influence (*nudgenudge*) of NaPoWriMo's prompt to "translate" a foreign poem, and Caleb just exploded with it. Here is an excerpt to whet your whistle.
Oh Satan’s liver debt – still, after lithesome,
after all of the angered daggers,
man guards its boiled ravens.
The language and tone of the piece are just outstandingly debauched. Influenced by the title, the entire reading of the piece begins to feel intoxicated and befouled. It is just a vividly fun poem to read, and a very well-written take on the translation-poem.

Well, as they were wont to say on Reading Rainbow, don't just take my word for it...

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