Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Proposal - 11/30

Eleven days in and we're not stopping yet. How's everyone's week? Making it through the workdays? Hopefully today's poem will give you a life-sustaining chuckle or at least a smirk.

The prompt for today's came from NaPoWriMo.
And now, our prompt! Today I challenge you to write a tanka. This, like the “American” cinquain, is a poem based on syllables, with the pattern being 5-7-5-7-7. They work best when those final two 7-syllable lines contain a sort of turn or surprise that the first three lines might not wholly anticipate. You can string a bunch of them together to make a multi-stanza poem, or just write one!
To get you going, here’s an anonymous example from the Japanese, translated by Kenneth Rexroth:
On Komochi Mountain,
from the time the young leaves sprout,
until they turn red,
I think I would like to sleep with you.
What do you think of that?
That one makes me laugh!
I'm in a humorous mood, so I wanted to write something following that unexpected line of thought. So I give you, "A Proposal".

A Proposal (Tanka of Obliviousness and Impending Perpetual Solitude)

Now that we're alone
and I have some space to kneel,
I have a question:
Can't you tie your shoelaces?
No, why would I have a ring?

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