Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Sign in Your Hand ≠ The Cross on Your Necklace

It's sad how the Gospel of love,
coming out of the wrong mouth,
can land on the ear
with all the love of a racial slur.

Would you mind closing your mouth?
There is no redemptive Saviour in your speech.
Your tongue has forgotten the taste of Golgotha's wine,
communing instead with acid and bile.

Please, refamiliarize yourself
with the face of the one you represent.
So long you've served a caricature of the Christ
tucked beneath your eyelids,

I wonder if you would actually recognize Him
if you opened your eyes and looked.

There is no ground for the leather-bound bludgeoning
you give those most in need of their Saviour.
The only thing Christ told you to do is love.
Love your God
and love your neighbor.
Love your neighbor
and trust their salvation to God,
remembering that love
is what cracked wide the stony tomb,
shaped stone into Edenic flesh.
No heart is too petrified for love, so love.
Love with the love that saw Christ turn away crowds
with stones in hands and adultery in mind.
Love with the love that made a banquet out of a basket;
give all that God has given you and know that
He is capable and willing to provide the rest.

Your God is love.
Please...prove it.
There is a world looking desperately for reasons
to refuse the offer of Heaven.
Do not be one of them.

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