Friday, March 29, 2013

Found Friday: Jesse Parent - 'Hooked Cross'

Welcome back for another Found Friday! Hopefully you've all had a pleasant and enlightening week. If your week has been a bit of a drag, I've got a doozy of a poem that is sure to be the derriere-exploding boot you need to kick off your weekend.

If you need a bit of a refresher, Found Friday is the I, Mosaic way of bringing new and potentially obscure poetry to you, the loyal reader, because being a poet isn't just about generating's about supporting the brilliance of others too.

So to that end, I bring you a poem sure to knock you into your weekend with all the gentleness of an atom bomb. Here is "Hooked Cross" (also known as "The Swastika Poem") by Jesse Parent.

 From Jesse Parent's official website:
I have been a professional improviser since 2001, first dipping my toe into the water in 1992 while in college. I’ve also been a performance poet since 2007, when I first competed in the National Poetry Slam. On top of that, I have worked as a software engineer since 1995, which pays the bills and keeps my left brain well fed.
This poem is precisely what I love about poetry. Jesse takes something small here, the swastika, and makes it universal, writing a poem that reaches way past the item in question and addresses a bigger picture, and to shattering effect. The horror of the settings he unfolds from the swastika's perspective, contrasting the symbol's original and appropriated meanings, and the way he turns the spotlight around on the cross of Christ with that devastating gut-punch of an ending, is executed with a cleverness and conviction that hits me in all the right places. The power and emotion in his tone remind me quite a lot of Corbet Dean, another poet you will inevitably be encountering at a later point.

So what impression did this poem make on you? Love it? Hate it? Leave a response in the comments section!

And go do something fun this potentially sunny weekend. No need to be isn't winter that's coming! *ba-dum PSHH*

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