Monday, October 1, 2012

Rednaxela's First Official Book Review Contest of Super Megalithic Littastic Verbosity!

Contest time! I've got a book out, it's time to drum up some clamor, and I feel like giving away some stuff in the process. Cheap manipulation? Nah! With this prize package, I think we all know who the real beneficiary will be here. It's you, *insert name of future winner*!

So here's the deal:

Starting today, and going through to midnight of October 7th, I am running a contest, very likely the world's first Book Review Contest (not actually likely at all. It’s not like I’m original or anything. Just a poet… using words other people have already used… geez).

How to enter: My book, Ars Golgothica, is available from three online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell's). Pick one, linked below, and write a review of the book on that merchant's Ars Golgothica page. There is no word minimum or special qualifier. Any kind of review will earn you an entry. Multiple entries are indeed possible for those who choose to post multiple reviews on multiple merchants’ Ars Golgothica pages. 1 review (regardless of site) = 1 entry (up to 3 entries per person for three websites). (And yes, you can copy paste… it doesn’t have to be three distinct reviews.)

At the end of the contest, 10/07 at 12:00am, I will take every name that has posted a review (and again, multiple names for multiple entries), and one random winner will be selected from a beanie full of paper strips. That’s right! A beanie! (Oh, you don’t care about that… but you do care about prizes! Tell them what they’ll win, Alex!)

What you’ll win: 1 copy of my book, Ars Golgothica, signed (as if this wasn’t an obvious prize already); Your choice of any 3 poems from the book recorded in audio format for your listening pleasure; a $20 gift card to Powell’s (because I’m all about supporting local books and hey! Powell’s has everything.); and (yes, and!) a bear hug from me, the world’s undisputed champion of bear-hugging – we’re talking off-the-ground, legs dangling bear-hug. You know you want that even more than the gift card.

So, that’s the gist! Who wants in on this contest? Show me in your reviews!

Oh, and one last thing. This is not about sycophantic ego-pleasing. You can be honest in your reviews. That’s what makes them valuable. Like John Mayer said, “say what you mean to say.”

I look forward to giving away some stuff! Enter…. NOW!