Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ursa - 18/30

I've got a lullaby today, as per the prompt over at
My busy week has translated itself into fairly sleepless nights, which inspired me to come up with today’s prompt — writing a lullaby! Soothing, short, repetitive and usually rhyming . . . lullabies exist in every culture. Perhaps you could write a special lullaby for poets? “Hush little poet, lay down your pen/Momma’s gonna buy you the complete Dickinson.” The rhyme’s a little slant, and the meter a bit wobbly, but it will do! Happy writing.
So, the poem today is simple, in tone, pace and imagery. Just try not to read it at work...might actually put you to sleep! 


A star
of sung silk
breathes its gleam
of twinkling blue, as
this sleepy lullaby falls
head over heels for you,
its murmur heard within
the brook, its whispers
drifting through the
boughs, all to lay
you down and
softly watch
you as you

beneath its
watchful eye, and
waft upon a serenade
of summer afternoons
sinking into perfect evening
shade, while fireflies mime
the stars that slowly lull
you from afar, until the
moss beneath your
feet embraces you
in sweetest

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