Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Transition of Palms - 1/30

The Transition of Palms

From palms laid down to palms stretched out,
pierced in depicting divinity’s gift
with dislocated limbs proclaiming, “I love you
this                                                                   much,”
between reception and rejection
only five days waited,
five before the people’s king was
stripped and flagellated.

Show me caprice better illustrated.
We are of tenderly temperamental stock,
a creature commanded by mood and whim,
and yet went forth the Christ
to crowds quick to cross their prostrate arms,
still serving them His fullness on a platter called Golgotha,
and who could say they deserved it?
Thankfully, He didn’t gauge His behavior
by that of a people imperfect.

So whatever you do, know that it’s worth it
simply because your heart’s furnace burns for it.
Don’t shy from the sight of your Jerusalem
because people hide crosses in their compliments.
Don’t snuff the kindled vigil in
the middle of your chest
because some won’t recognize its glow.
Don’t forgo
all you were forged to illuminate and do,
but burn,
burn into the beacon you know you should be.
With the embers in your irises
and coals beneath your feet,
show the ones you love
this                                                                   much
just how much you love them.
With the fire in your throat
turning spittle to silken steam speak
the Pentecostal tongue of love
and burn,
burn into the beacon you know you should be.
Do so without either qualm or doubt,
not hiding your flames on account of the crowd,
our creature no less capricious now
than then, when five days turned us around
from palms laid down to palms stretched out.

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