Monday, April 23, 2012

Strobilus Parousia - 23/30

Today I've got a poem for you, prompt-free, that could be about a pine cone, but probably is about a whole lot more. Carrying on the Earth Day theme, apparently.

Strobilus Parousia

It falls
  a pregnant warhead,
    shingled in lobster skin
      and pollen.
        The ground,
          an embrace made of
            earth and mingling
              ants, craves its coming thud
                intensely, pines for this needle-
                  muffled concussion with hope.
                    And when it at last comes,
                      this pillowed collision,
                        the very soil claps
                          in joy, sending
                            plumes of mustard-
                              colored applause
                                to thank the
                                  deflorate heights.

*Strobilus: botanical name for a pine cone, essentially.
**Parousia: ancient Greek term meaning 'appearance' or 'presence'; used Biblically to refer to the second coming of Christ, the advent.

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