Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Silver Doe (to Lily with Love) - 21/30

Today I've got some Harry Potter poetry for you Hogwarts students out there. So, enjoy.

The Silver Doe (to Lily with Love)


I have not removed
my eyes from the moon
since I saw how you vanished
into its glow,
how it absorbed
your evacuating ghost
like mist through the namelessly
broken window.
Know that though
you fell for another, I fell
for you long ago, and there’s no
length of years to make me forget
your countenance under the willow.

you were to me
this moon, commanding tides
I surged with even
your most prudent words,
waxed stagnant with summer
in your stead,
but never, even now
as light seems to flee me,
has this heart beat for aught
but you,
luminary, cherished,
casting your luster into
dementor-thick dark, my patronus.
Lily, I’ve loved you,
which time can’t annul,
death hasn’t hampered and
never will.


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