Monday, April 9, 2012

Que Bella: A Recommendation

Since the start of April, I've been looking to slake my NaPoWriMo-inspired thirst for great writing, and I've found a few great new writers in the process. The NaPoWriMo hub is a great resource, with its 800+ listed participants.

One such participant is Que Bella, found over at I've read what she has written so far, and would be remiss in my duty as a writer and lover of literature if I didn't spread word of her blog like peanut butter. Delicious, delicious peanut butter.

If you want some strong poems, some stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth imagery, go spend some time on her blog. Follow her even. The poem "Missing" in particular, is a feat of tragedy and beauty in less than 30 lines. Haunting.

Just like all great poetry.

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  1. Hey R., I'm so flattered that you mentioned my blog here and for your complimentary words concerning my poems. Thank you so much and Happy Napo-ing! ~Michelle