Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mordor (an Orc's Haiku) - 24/30

Only 6 days left. Wow, you want to make April fly by...participate in NaPoWriMo. Feels like I just started and now it's almost done. Craziness.

Today I don't have time to write and get all deep and beatnik on you, so I've got something funny and short for you.

You know how I took you to Middle Earth a week or so ago in "Our Only Wish"? Well, put on your cloak and grab some Lembas, because you're about to go back, to sit in on a very...unique...perspective.

Mordor (an Orc's Haiku)...an Orcku

Come ‘ere!
Lemme tell you
somefin’ ‘bout Mordor.

We’ll eat rats if
we ‘ave to, but your belly’s
lookin’ betta.

We don’t care ‘bout
your trinkets, but your corpse…
that’s a pretty.

We ‘ate everyfin’
‘bout everyone, and most
of all,

we ain’t
got time to count syllables,
you maggoty morgul rat!

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