Friday, April 20, 2012

M51 - 20/30

Well, 20 days in, and I can feel my muse dragging its feet. Maybe it's just a temporary chemical imbalance, but I'm finding it harder and harder to want to write these past couple days. Saaa, Je suis fatigué indeed.

But yes, here's today's poem, about a particularly intriguing celestial body. This is short, but I feel there may be something else I want to do with this. I think I will be revisiting this galaxy in a later piece. I like what came out of the letter-styled poem "A Letter to the Dance Pole", and I am feeling like the M51 galaxy might shine with the same treatment. So, you may see this return in a later piece. But for now, I give you the poem of the day. 


When the cosmos unwound its innards
in haloes and glowing laurels,
a spear-thrust shower
surrounding my brow in its secrets,
I was not surprised to find
this familiar Golgothic silhouette
nestled like treasure in this nebula,
an X marking the spot,
a final star-circled signature
emphasizing all that history holds
in its crucifix-hinged pages.

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