Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Green Man - 14/30

Today marks two years since one of my favorite musicians and artists, Peter Steele, died. He was at the helm of the band Type O Negative, and having grown up on their music, on his rich and sepulchral voice, I've always felt a very familial bond to them, and him especially. Our mutual birthday and personalities only strengthen that. He felt like a brother I'd never met.

So, I wanted to write something in his honor today. I've got a poem here, written without prompt, to further memorialize and remember one of the music underground's legends. The song this poem references is called, shockingly, "The Green Man", off the album October Rust.

Go give it a listen. In fact, grab your iPod, put their entire discography on it (after buying it of course!) and go to your nearest wooded area and just...absorb.

Here's to you, Peter.

The Green Man 
for Peter Steele (1962-2010)

You told me you were the green man,
emerald eyes rising out of
the subterranean dark with
its burden of buried whispers
on your lips, but,

how strongly this soil is holding you.
How ironic that the middle
of Spring’s elated romp
saw you, not rise, but descend
into newly verdant ground.

You told me you were the green man,
but did you do so with
your verdigrisy gaze affixed
on the finality of winter,
its chill accenting your baritone?

You greeted the seasons with an irony
like lichen so none could
see you for your masque.
Famous, never wanting to be.
April 14th, exeunt tragically.

You told me you were the green man,
and maybe now you are,
because I glimpse you more
and more in these ivy-adorned
forests, their deep, brooding emerald
I'm the green man.

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  1. What a lovely memorial to Peter Steele. I was particularly taken with "buried whispers/on your lips" and "I glimpse you more/and more in these ivy-adorned/forests,". Only 16 more poems to go! ~Michelle