Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Cat's Life is Deceiving - 5/30

Didn't use any prompts today, just a simple little poem about a boy and some cats.

A Cat's Life is Deceiving

The boy who wished to be a cat
because they seemed so lazy,
quickly wished he’d wished instead

for yoga classes
or any preparatory stretching
that would ready him

for that feline need to mime
mythology’s circling ouroboros,
his tongue, sandpaper pink.

He wished he’d wished instead
to be a bird, or even a goldfish.
Neither of those would leave him

scratching at invisible itches
hosting Olympics on his nape.
Most of all, he wished

he’d wished instead to have no wish,
staying spoon-deep in his Cheerios
between two sleeping temptations.

He would have wished his way back
to couch and Star Wars pajamas,
but his voice kept getting lost

in the hygiene clogging his throat.

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