Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Bouquet - 22/30

I wrote today's poem before checking for the prompt, but when I did so I was surprised to see that this poem fits perfectly with the prompt. Probably because it's Earth Day, but still...funny coincidences.

Today's poem may be a first for me. I've written a lot of heartfelt poems, a lot of tragedies, but today's, for whatever reason, is the first to actually make me cry while writing it. I was not drawing upon any personal experiences for this one, be the judge. This might just be a very authentically emotional piece, and if it hits you like it hit me, I think you'll enjoy it, and I hope it sticks with you.

And have a great Earth Day! Go enjoy the world! It's a beautiful one we've got here.

The Bouquet

She brought me a bouquet of stowaways.

It was not her intention, of course,
as she tweezed from the field’s choicest follicles.

The expectant smile dimpling her cheeks
as she snapped green stems hoisting heads

crowned with petals, plucked others
too tenacious to forsake their wormy roots.

Whatever caught her eye: yellow-maned
beauties quizzically considered weeds, flowers

red like mommy’s lipstick,
six months unused in a dresser drawer,

and a cluster of congregating fairies
she blew into the afternoon wind with a wish.

She brought her bounty to me in joy, a pride
sparkling in her eyes I knew she was used to

showing her mom, and even when the ants
claimed our vase-improved table as new territory,

I loved her for every pesky one of them.
Because we laughed together then,

and she had her mother's smile.

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