Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Desperate for You

"Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your word."
(Psalm 119:67)

There is no contesting the reality that it is our recalcitrance that makes life difficult. We invite God's violent correction because that is what it takes to wake us from our illusions of self-sufficiency and God-less happiness.

God is so desperate to have you with Him - to not see you go down into eternal despair and separation - that no jolt is too severe, no warning too brutal, if the final outcome is your salvation. Save yourself and be saved: consider Christ's validity and necessity now, for prolonged rejection only means intensified interventions. God is desperate for you. He does not desire that any should die, but the decision - eternal death or eternal life - is always going to be yours. Just don't expect God to accept your fate with the same resignation that you do: He will fight your demise tooth and nail, because He is desperate for you. You are beloved, and He grieves your division from Him by the second, but God will never just let you go down to your grave in peace - not if there is still the slightest chance of your eyes being opened.

Know that God loves you and will do anything to save you from your self-consigned fate. Just don't expect His interventions and corrections to come in the way of warning letters and gentle nudges: your immortal soul is in the balance - and nothing so costly was ever lost without the most grievous of battles.

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