Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Proximitous to Death

"Yet he, being compassionate,
atoned for their iniquity
and did not destroy them;
he restrained his anger often
and did not stir up all his wrath.
He remembered that they were but flesh,
a wind that passes and comes not again."
(Psalm 78:38-39)

If you truly understood just how close to destruction you have come in your separation from God, who despite your denial still sustains you, how could you do anything but fall overwhelmed by grace and repent of your disbelief? The truth is that every breath you take is an allowance from One who does not want to see you die - but must if you remain defiant in your denial. Alignment with the Lord through His resurrected Christ is the only way to true, eternal life; but the mortal life ended disbelievingly will be forever severed from all that is good.

You must see the reality beyond the material world: the truth of a God who died so that you would not have to, and who continues to bless you with life so that you may come to know Him and be perfectly fulfilled in Him. He does not sustain us with life just so we can waste it and go to our graves in separation. Make use of your life this very day and be restored to your intended condition: be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, in whom alone perfection and salvation exist.

Maintained separation from God is the consent of resident sin. We all have sin in our lives, and only the restorative gift of Christ's sacrificed life can annul it. You may live contentedly now, but I promise you that will not last forever. Your sin, ignored and denied as the deathly soul-sickness that it is, will eventually take you to your grave, and being completely honest, to Hell - an eternal separation from the God you denied in life. Please, do not consign yourself to this brand of immortality. The soul stained by sin, by God's Sinai-given standard is doomed to the place of eternal separation and punishment: Hell.

There is universal Law, represented in the 10 Commandments (Have no other gods; do not idolize; do not take God's name in vain; honor the Sabbath; honor your parents; do not kill; do not adulterate; do not steal; do not lie; do not envy). None of us can claim ignorance. God has made us aware of the standard to which we will be held, and nothing we do can annul the sin His perfect standard reveals in us. It is only by Christ's perfection, who was completely God and thus completely holy, that our lives may live up to the given standard.

I, therefore, need you to do two things, but more truly YOU need you to do two things: don't cling to your denial anymore, but acknowledge and take responsibility for the sin in your life, and secondly, be justified in Christ! Allow Him to cleanse and restore you. His presence is the only thing that can reconcile the mortal life and immortal soul from the poison of indwelling sin.

Please, forsake your denial and your pride. Consider the reality of sin, God, and eternity. It is only by Christ that we can be completed, and I don't want any of you to know the eternity of separation reserved for the life lived in separation. Please, turn to Christ. This very day, accept Him.

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