Sunday, April 10, 2011

Word of an Illumined Kingdom - NaPoWriMo 10/30

A new kind of light is illuminating this place.
God’s lifting this dimmer now
quicker than before.
Other times and preceding eyes
may have deemed to surmise
the silhouettes of distant spires,
just the faintest of fate’s
far-off lineaments,
but now!
This illumination!
Do not lock your eyes to these luminary rappings.
Do not deny yourself the view of the unveiling that is happening.

This is the morning light
as it slid into a borrowed tomb,
plumbed the barren alcove
with its inch-by-inch encroachment.
This is the slow revelation
of a promise long in fulfillment,
afar immune to the lit filament,
but near,
uncovering the prophesied figure:
the bodiless bundle of burial wear,
confirming the word interwove with the air.

We can see eternity’s contours.
In this accelerated unveiling
we are witness to the luminous fusion
of creation and intention,
of a promise given and a covenant kept.
This, the quintessence
of all our invested potential.
Our common clockwork wound
around this one unceasing gear.
Do not miss this,
this ever-illumined kingdom.
Its envoy is already here.

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