Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nosferatu - NaPoWriMo 17/30

I’m no Nosferatu,
with lanky, bent-backed, Schreck-like languor
and an iniquitous, untethered shadow,
but for all my urgent yearning
concerning those crucifix-sluicing rubies,
I’ve a vampire in this vessel.
I’ve a Grendel in these bones, because
nothing stokes this soul-wove craving
and sates that parasitic need
like Yeshua’s blood,
those garnet streams.
This everlasting ghost
denotes a sanguine requisite,
a slavering scarlet thirst
only slaked on the Christ’s right rivulets.
I’ve a vampire in this vessel,
an unyielding need for particular blood,
met only by the messiah’s immaculate flood.

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