Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Content with a Body of Ears - NaPoWriMo 26/30

As you clutch the radiating cup
of your Sunday morning Starbucks,
bask in the aromatic warmth
of freshly brewed worship,
fellow Christian,
I implore you
do not forget the world beyond your sanctuary’s walls.

Just like the illegal collective
left by Christ to Roman aggression,
the Body which spawned
multitudinous cells,
there are still basements of the
faithful facing hateful oppression,
observing bloody Sabbaths under governmental pressure.
There are still religious climates
that closet Christian fellowship
and seek to enfeeble and snuff
the flames of sanguine-ransomed kindred.
China still accosts the cross
through those who glory in its burden,
Burma still clandestinely quiets
any voice they discover the Word in,
Mexico still hosts cartels for whom
Christian intimidation is currency –
we can’t forget the nations striving
with violence to silence our community:
India, Iran, Algeria, Sudan,
Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Cuba, a few.
The fields beyond your picket fence
are not without their flowers,
but flourish they won’t in the midst of such
brambles and wilds liable to devour them.

So go,
enjoy the ease of communion,
thank God for the blessing
He deemed to bestow,
but never forget that you’re part of a body,
and the whole cannot stand
lacking even one toe.

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